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Wins talent contest for Buck and Wing dancing. The Trio continues to play local venues for a while. Promoter Lew Leslie builds an all black show around Florence at the Plantation restaurant on Broadway.

Narcissa Black- Sisters of House Black (Harry Potter fan film)

Famous British theatre impresario C. Cochran brings Florence's show to London where, despite some nasty racist opposition, she scores a huge success. Said Cochran: "That night, and every night she appeared at the London Pavilion, Florence Mills received an ovation each time she came on stage - before every song she sang. This is a tribute which in my experience I have never known to be offered to any other artist.

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Jenner Sisters Pull Notorious B.I.G. Shirts After Estate Threatens to Sue

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We cannot fight violence against women unless we fight the state structures that create, enable and perpetuate it. Prison is not a solution to injustice, it represents injustice and state violence against women. Note: The action is open to all women, non-binary, transgender, transsexual, genderqueer and gender variant people.

Black lives matter and the lives of all women matter. Violence against women, especially black women and working class women, is structurally built into our prisons, police and mental health services. Enough is enough — we need to take action!