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The influx of newcomers, clad in red and orange outfits, brings out insecurities in their nearest neighboring town, the tiny community of Antelope. An outpost of only 40 residents, most solitary ranchers and retirees, Antelope pushes back against the interlopers with their blissed-out expressions and inexcusably loud sex noises.

They're about to discover that in Bhagwan's private secretary and longtime lieutenant Ma Anand Sheela, they've made a cutthroat enemy willing to use all manner of electoral and civic maneuvering to allow her community and movement to spread, and if those legal recourses fail, Sheela may be prepared to take more aggressive steps.

The first of the six episodes is the only one to slightly lag, because it's half foreshadowing for the rest of the series — Antelope mayor John Silvertooth recounts a portentous meeting with a man who warned him "They are coming" and "This is gonna be a lot of trouble" without ever returning to who that man was or how he knew what he knew other than "profiling" — and exhaustive background on Bhagwan and his early days in India.

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Still, it's important foundation-laying, because otherwise you'd never know what this group stood for other than tormenting the grumpy cowboys of Antelope. The story gets bigger and bigger as the expanding Rajneeshee city attracts the attention of state and national officials, and we're forced to ask ourselves questions about the difference between cult and religion, the protections of the Bill of Rights, the threat of the unfamiliar, selective government-sponsored prosecution and persecution, but also if we have a threshold for how much minor corruption and law-breaking might justify a crackdown and when actions are enough to constitute what several talking heads call "evil.

The Way brothers have been gifted with an impressive amount of primary footage from the period.

The Rajneeshees were sure they were building a beacon city for the world and, as such, they documented most steps of what was an ambitious, from-scratch process. Paul Schullery, an honored naturalist who Trout magazine hails as our preeminent angling historian, lives in Bozeman, Montana. Visit Seller's Storefront.

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Standard and expedited shipping options include shipping and handling costs. Books should arrive within business days for expedited shipping, and business days for standard shipping. Standard shipping can on occasion take up to 30 days for delivery. List this Seller's Books. Payment Methods accepted by seller. Early to mid summer, these bears can be often observed from Thorofare Pass. What draws these adaptable and persistent omnivores to this high alpine environment? Audio tour by Camp Denali Wilderness Lodge. The grizzly bears of Denali can be found feeding in almost every corner of Denali National Park.

The number of bears depends on the tides, ranging from a handful of bears to as many as A scenic minute floatplane ride from Kodiak brings you to Uyak Bay in the remote southwest of Kodiak Island. In late summer grizzlies feed on spawning chum salmon below the Fox River bridge.

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Salmon carcasses also attract red fox, gulls, and common ravens. Both abandoned and active beaver lodges and dams are found along the Fox River drainage. Dolly Varden, Arctic grayling, and chum and pink salmon can be seen from the bridge. Downstream, the narrow, swift-flowing river is hemmed in by dense vegetation. Spotted sandpiper may be seen on a sand bar on the east side of the road and belted kingfisher burrow into the riverbanks to nest. Descending into terrain increasingly dominated by trees and willows, you are more likely to see a moose than a muskox.

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On a clear day this high point offers sweeping views of Norton Sound to the southeast and the westernmost boreal forest to the north. The open country can be a good place to spot moose, muskox, or grizzlies. Caribou, normally present in winter, are sometimes seen in summer too. You are more likely to see reindeer, however, which are distinguished by their pinto coloration, short legs, and the occasional ear tag. A small parking area at the highest point is an excellent place to pull off the road safely and explore the alpine tundra.

Unlike other braided rivers along the road system, the Niukluk River flows along a single broad channel. A large colony of cliff swallow inhabits the cliff banks downstream while tree swallow nest in aspen cavities and nest boxes put up by Council residents. River crossing warning! It's a great spot to pull off the road and look for musk ox, moose, or bear in the brush across the valley. A short minute flight from Soldotna and 50 minutes from Anchorage, this is a unique spot for watching bears swim, feed, and frolic in the water.

Black bears frequent the mouth of Humpy Creek during the months of July and August when salmon are spawning. Chum and pink salmon are the two fish species you will see at Humpy Creek. Silver Spike Bridge over the creek is a good viewing point, or you can make your way to the nearby bear viewing platform at the old Gunnuk Creek Hatchery. Chilkoot Lake State Park is chock full of salmon between July and early September, and it's on the road system a short minute drive from Haines.

It's possible to see from bears at a time as they feast on pink and sockeye salmon, often in close proximity to fishermen. This place gets the crowds because it's one of Alaska's easiest bear viewing locations to reach. This location is spectacular because getting a permit means the possibility of seeing up to 70 bears at a time, gathered around the falls fishing.

Nearly bears frequent the area throughout the summer! Take a short floatplane ride from Kodiak to the destination lake of the island's second-largest sockeye run.

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Pack Creek is only 30 minutes by air from Juneau. The creek is on Admiralty Island, which has been protected for 80 years and has over 1, bears - more than all of the contiguous US combined. That's what makes this area such a hotspot for bear viewing. At times, bears can be spotted in close proximity in the estuary. It's possible to go on your own or take a fully guided tour. There are males, females with cubs and juveniles, and they roam from grazing on sedges and beaches to fishing for salmon in the rivers. It is common to see a handful, and not unheard of to see The brown bears here feed on razor clams on the beach, and are consistently spotted all summer.

Starting in May, they gather here to graze on the protein-rich sedge grasses near the ocean and later in the summer begin fishing when the salmon arrive. It's just 1.


During peak season, you're likely to see bears from your viewing platform at Brooks Falls. Brooks Falls is the classic destination for Alaska Bear Viewing! Car, train, or group tour. Off The Beaten Path by car Self-drive vacations.

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