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LibraryThing Review. User Review - mcnicol_08 - LibraryThing. The story of Pale Male's life in New York City describes true events of a red-tailed hawk that took.

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Nous devons choisir les hommes avec autant de soin que les programmes. Chauffe, Marcel! Morbleu et palsambleu! Comme quoi notre expression vient bien de la marine. Je passe en coup de vent pour vous parler de Marinette qui le prend pour une bille tout au long de la chanson, et lui il n'y voit que du bleu Je vous souhaite un bon dimanche Victor Hugo.

T'as un bleu au visage! Vous allez bien? Un autre, un peu plus jeune N'y vois pas malice de ma part L'enregistrement que tu as choisi est meilleur Le concours Pour les hommes, une marque de ridicule. Du Panama Ce ma Jarnibleu et saperlipopette! La France et les fromages Des Dombes, de Causse, d'Auvergne liste des fromages. Et nous avons aussi pas mal de vins pour accompagner ces fromages. Certains disent que le blanc va mieux avec Mais je tords pas du nez si s'en est un autre!

Et pour moi, un Lagon bleu Encore une! Bon sang Tu as raison Bon anniversaire tytoalba, jolie chouette presque bleue! C'est gentil! Cela dit, je veux bien trinquer avec toi une nouvelle fois! Vais pas refuser un Lagon bleu, tu penses bien! Gardiens de zoo - Tu sais quoi?

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L'acteur Lee J. Un agent: - Le bleu Cobb halte! Lee: - ben, c'est un bleu tirant sur le violet All rights reserved. Edrych ar bopeth drwy wydrau rhosliw. See the world through rose-colored glasses. Not to smell a rat. No cazar ni una. No enterarse de nada. Hi Carla, Your point of view is so so interesting. Thanks, I would like to read more about how you see difference between us and france. I like to understand how other people think and like that we can find out our strength and weakness. Being rich, powerful and show it to others is considered as a vulgar behaviour.

Thanks for responding to my comment Tu and Florence, so interesting! Certainly Americans have less discretion, or perhaps rather we have fewer social limitations and open up and share more readily. I admire the French and Europeans for their subtlety, humility, respect for others. Perhaps related to the socialist culture and simply to the fact that there are more people per square kilometer over there!

Ok, so explain Manhattan, ha. The way the French speak quietly in public is something I always notice and admire — so gracious. Only talk about sex, hah hah, just kidding.

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And about the diamond ring, the nice things is that a lot of Americans can have both the diamond and the art or furniture. Talking about your vacation, especially to any remotely exotic locale, is practically the only thing that is seen as bragging and vulgar in the US. It is such a shame!

When a colleague comes back from vacation hardly anyone asks or talks about it, unlike in France. So sad! Money is not a taboo subject in America because we have a lot of it. OMG this is so sad! But true in a lot of cities. But not entirely. I say, fuck all the judgment and perfection.

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Be yourself. Be fun. And find your people! Maybe what they need is to watch a couple Fellini films in a moonlit park with an chamingly handsome Mediterranean man while sipping a few glasses of champagne and eating strawberries and macarrons.

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I say we have earned the right to be as quirky and as unique as we wish to be and to have a lot fun doing it. First of all, overall there are like 4 guys for every girl — and a huge number of them might have great jobs ie, working for a startup that may make millions but this does not make them perfect guys. We are not dealing with typical guys — not even close to NY-typical guys.

These guys are oblivious to women and have pretty limited social skills. Recently I walked into a great coffee place with a friend on a Friday evening and there were about 30 guys in there not gay and about 8 women and none of the men were talking with the women except 2 who were there with dates or even looking at the women — all of the guys were talking with one another about work, some crazy techy thing, possibly gaming, bicycling, hiking, or Burning Man.

Have you seen the Big Bang Theory? So here in SV, when you take all of the geeks out of the mix, it leaves about 1 non-geek guy which here is the definition of a perfect man for every 40 women.

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So there is no magic formula here! I WISH for a check list where if I just went through — body, home, job, friends, etc, that would put you on the map. Super article! Des bises et de la coolitude!

Sur Air France en classe économique (pont supérieur)

Loved this too. Totally fascinating. I live in Dc so different dynamic, but not by much less models, LOL.

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OMG, G… you nailed it! On so many levels, you just nailed it right on the head. So thank goodness for laughter and for level heads! Super like cet article! New yorkais ou parisien!!! Your observation of NYC life is so, so spot-on! I was laughing out loud most of time. Two things: 1. Good lord. This is really messed up. And it just reminds me again why I adore London and would never want to live in New York. And the asterisk with the piece of text at the bottom could again be a hyperlink taking you back to the respective part in the main article. Tech-savvy people here, anyone?

I am Ukrainian by birth, but I was raised and live in London.