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Learn more Check out. Abstract Primary explosives, unlike secondary explosives, show a very rapid transition from combustion or deflagration to detonation and are considerably sensitive to small stimuli, such as impact, friction, electrostatic discharge, and heat. Citing Literature. Related Information. Close Figure Viewer. Browse All Figures Return to Figure.

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Green primary explosives: 5-nitrotetrazolato-N2-ferrate hierarchies.

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  • New Password. Password Changed Successfully Your password has been changed. Returning user. Request Username Can't sign in? Forgot your username? Substantially all the boron in suspension is incorporated by this procedure and the separated, dried primary explosive composition has a greatly reduced sensitivity to electrostatic ignition as compared with the primary explosive prepared similarly by double decomposition without the incorporation of boron.

    Three examples of processes for producing primary explosive compositions in accordance with the invention will now be described. Example 1 50 mls. NO per litre is added with stirring over a period of eight minutes to mls. After drying at 50, 21 g.

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    The threshold energy for normal lead styphnate prepared in a known manner from lead nitrate and magnesium styphnate Without the incorporation of boron or other additives is about 80 ergs. Example 2 Pb Ac. After drying at 45 C.

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    The product contains boron by weight and has a threshold energy for electrostatic ignition of about 5, ergs as compared with the threshold energy of ergs for normal icad dinitroresorcinate prepared in a similar manner but without the incorporation of boron. Example 3 3 litres aqueous magnesium styphnate solution containing g. The precipitated barium styphnate is washed with water by decantation and, after drying at 50 C. This product has a threshold energy for electrostatic ignition of about , ergs, whereas the threshold energy for barium styphnate prepared in a similar manner without the incorporation of boron is about 25, ergs.

    The increase in the resistance of primary explosives to electrostatic ignition resulting from the incorporation of various percentages of boron is illustrated by the following results. Barium styphnate monohydrate 1 Mechanical mixing. Except where indicated, boron is incorporated from suspension in a liquid in the manner described in the preparative examples. C and P indicate respectively whether complete or partial ignition of the explosive composition occurs at threshold ignition energies, partial ignition being a case where at least a third, but not all, of the composition ignites.

    The results for normal lead styphnate demonstrate the superiority of the described processes for incorporating boron from a suspension in a liquid over a mechanical mixing of the primary explosive and boron. A process for producing a primary explosive composition which comprises forming the primary explosive in a liquid medium in the presence of a suspension of finely divided boron to give crystalline particles of primary explosive individually containing boron having an increased resistance to electrostatic ignition and separating said crystalline particles from the liquid medium.

    A process as in claim 1 wherein the said primary explosive is a compound selected from the group consisting of normal and basic salts of a nitro substituted resorcinol. A process as in claim 1 wherein the said crystalline particles of the primary explosive are formed in a liquid medium by a double decomposition reaction. A process as in claim 1 wherein said primary explosive is a compound selected from the group consisting of normal lead styphnate, basic lead styphnate, normal lead 2,4-dinitroresorcinate and barium styphnate.

    In a process for producing a normal lead styphnate primary explosive composition the steps comprising reacting lead nitrate and magnesium styphnate in about stoichiometric amounts in an aqueous solution containing a suspension of finely divided boron having an average particle size of about 0. In a process for producing a normal lead 2,4-dinitroresorcinate primary explosive composition the steps comprising reacting in about stoichiometric amounts an aqueous solution of lead acetate and an aqueous solution of sodium 2,4-dinitroresorcinate containing a suspension of finely divided boron having an average particle size of about 4 microns in the proportion of about 8.

    A primary explosive composition comprising crystalline particles of a primary explosive containing dis;. Although there is a substantial hazard of mechanical shock causing accidental detonation of primary explosives during their manufacture and handling, many accidents are caused by accidental ignition by electrostatic spark, to which many primary explosives especially various nor- ;mal and basic salts of nitr-o-substituted resor-cinols, are very sensitive.

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    A suitable mean boron particle size i. Electrostatic Energy for Ignition ergs B oron incorporated percent; by weight Primary explosive Normal lead styphnate a a s a Basic lead styphnate Normal lead 2z4-dinitroresorcinate Normal lead trinitrophloroglucinata. What We claim is: 1.

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    Process for primary explosives containing boron having reduced electrostatic sensitivity. USA en.