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It is simply not a matter of tolerating today what we found, once, intolerable under the power of the satrap "Joseph kabila". Comment of mayoyo bitumba tipo-Tipo on when the special advisor beya commits an excess of power The people first, the restoration of the state of law, the fight against the negation, of the fundamentals of the?

But no, these are just words full of emptiness as under previous diets. We can browse all the texts of the, we will not find a single in which this party or its current leader or the one of yesterday explains how to build a state of law in our country. How do we want a party or a man who has never thought of this to be able to build the rule of law? The Congolese have never understood and they may never understand that the statements of men and political parties are worth nothing as long as they do not rest on concrete strategies.

In the case we are interested in, how can tshilombo fight the negation by accepting to access power by the antivaleur what is cheating? We hate Joseph Kabila with reason. But everything has to believe that he made a certain service to the nation by trapping tshilombo.

For, if the latter had arrived in power by the normal way of elections, the balubas will take the positions at the top of the state to impose their hegemony on us. As this was the case of the ngbandis under mobutu sese seko. As this was the case of the balubakat and other katangais under Laurent-desire kabila. As this was the case, in the shadow this time, rwandan tutsi under Joseph Kabila. All this why? Because The Congolese, slackers on the intellectual plan, like the rest of all Africans, have never thought about the governance of their country in order to establish the rule of law, a legitimate quest for the people.

The next time the westerners would seek to balkanize this country, I think it would be the interest of the people to put themselves on their side. Because our country is not worth exist.

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Puisqu'il garde par devers lui de grands secrets d'Etat. By leaving the charges of a chief of information, a cop is held by the duty of reserve. Since he keeps by devers him great secrets of state. He must be able to show himself in public or expose what he holds as secrets. His predecessor, Mr. Ndaruwezi had done it, not only to not smother him, but because having the soul of state.

That no. The former general administrator of the national intelligence agency has just broken his silence and break his reserve duty that should characterize him. It was by his press release, public render yesterday, may 08, that the former administrator balances those he calls his former comrades.

Supposed to have served the nation, kalev mutond is a personal cop of former President Joseph Kabila and his political family to whom he repeated his faithfulness and allegiance. He shows that he was a politician rather than an administrative. What confirms the thesis of an opinion that considers it as a national torturer of his compatriots to protect the power of Joseph Kabila. In this press release, the man accuses his comrades of traitors and haters.

What is the opportunity for such an action, if it is not a flattery of bad taste, questioned an agent of information under the guise of anonymity? If he has things he blames his comrades, he only had to make an information bulletin to his boss instead of doing this badly-side media release, advises the same source. Dixit kalev mutond former boss of the anr.

Kereph Nete On veut la fin de la tyrannie. The new dynamic ngo of civil society Ndsci , which accompanies the victims of these forced displacement of population, asks that the boundary of the land claimed by the kabila is verified. Jean-chrysostom kijana, President of this ngo, has indicated to free Africa. Be that after a meeting with representatives of the victims, on Monday, may 6, it was decided to claim "an independent team of surveyors to determine the real limits of the field" of the kabila.

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These plots measure, according to the versions, or ha; the kabila say holding ha. But the demolitions of houses that were companies, under the supervision of the Republican Guard Presidential Guard When Joseph Kabila was still president, and in the presence of olive lembe, would wear, according to the South-Kivutienne Civil Society, on ha , touching up to the neighboring village of mbiza. Due to the protests of civil society, there has been no demolitions since February but some people remain without housing.

During the demolition of his hospital - the sick had to evacuate in emergency, in front of the bulldozers - in January , Dr. Kachungunu filed a complaint. No suite has been given yet, three years later. Insecurity in the east of the DRC: Michel Okongo seeks the involvement of the head of the state Thankgod matondo In a press release to infordc this Tuesday, may 7, the unity party of the values of Michel Okonga strongly condemns the aggression perpetrated by the coalition fdrl nyatura against the civil population in the eastern part of the DRC.

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What would be at the base of the clashes that took place since last weekend in rugari and on the axis kalengera-tongo causing the escape of local and surrounding populations to kibumba. These two countries that have been killing deadly attacks against the drc since a beautiful lurette ". The party of President Michel Okongo, " presents his most sincere condolences to the families of the victims, and renews his affection towards his brothers and sisters of the east who are constantly experiencing barbaric aggression, so towards every displaced family.

For the party of Michel Okonga, the dead will always be heroes and martyrs for the republic ".

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Kereph Nete We want the end of tyranny. A quel jeu joue-t-il? Qui sont-ils? Baudouin Amba Wetshi On veut la fin de la tyrannie.

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The man who was believed to be " Dead " because of his long " absence ", was so good. Where was he?

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Which game is he playing? Why did he choose to appear alongside Joseph Olenghankoy, the president of the cnsa National Council for the follow-up of the st. Sylvestre agreement? Questions that remain without answers. Ensuring the acting at the head of the ministry of the interior, basile olongo requires that not muanda nsemi be handed over to prison. A understandable but debatable decision. Ne muanda nsemi had been missing since twenty-three months and 23 days.

[Kinshasa : la mort de Laurent Désiré Kabila rendue officielle]

The last time it was seen, the leader of bdk or bdm was facing a danger of death. It was during his " escape " in the central prison of makala where he waited for his trial of the chief especially of " reached the security of the state " and " contempt for the head of the state ". On May 17, , this penitentiary is being attacked by a group of unidentified men and women. These had the head and arm arms of Scarlet Headband. Who are they? How could they have access to this building whose surveillance is generally ensured by police officers and members of the guard guard of "Joseph kabila"?

The " Attackers " circulated in the prison speaker from 03 am to 05 am when they reached the " Pavilion 1 " where do nsemi was located. It is at 05 pm that elements of the congolese army, called in reinforcement, will go down to the place. Exchange of gunfire. To believe, Alexis Thambwe Mwamba, then minister of justice, "there were dead" during these skirmishes.

The Identities of the victims have never been disclosed. Native of the province of kongo central, our columnist bamba di lelo has written several articles to denounce the "disappearance" of n ' muanda nsemi. In Law, the "disappearance" is defined as follows: " event that, due to the circumstances in which it has occurred, is doubting the survival of a person. His non-representation, following the risk of death to which she was exposed, leads to a short delay in a declaratory judgment of death ".

In an article published, last February, in the columns of congo independent, Bamba, based on the absence of signs of life since may 17, , did not go by four paths by measuring: " Joseph Kabila : where is the corpse of n ' muanda nsemi? The whole truth. The observation is here: the leader of bdk-Bdm is a "death" that is doing very well. He got everyone. On Monday, may 6, the man, shaved beard, dressed in a beautiful blue-King suit with matching tie on a white shirt, created the event by his enigmatic respawn alongside Joseph Olenghankoy.