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Future Educational Goals: I want to obtain my bachelors degree in nursing science at Concordia University. Athletics: Cross-Country four years, three years varsity, captain senior year ; Baseball four years, three years varsity, captain senior year. Community Service: Boy Scouts of America service projects ranging from fundraisers to manual labor.

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Future Educational Goals: To attend University of Jamestown and major in physical education and teacher education. Anything else we should know?

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I will be playing baseball at the University of Jamestown. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. He had barely started third grade when a drunk driver struck down his grandparents, Pop and Meemie. Reading was the only subject that came easily for him. This year, he felt competent in all subjects. He dressed quickly and looked for his dirty clothes. He always carried his wallet in his jeans pocket. It contained his most important treasure. I put them in the washer before I woke you. I forgot to check your pockets. The well worn, faded picture of his twin sister, Kyleah, was in that wallet.

Dad had snapped it just before his fourth birthday.

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By looking at it every day, he kept his memory of Kyleah fresh. To make it worse, his dad refused to talk about them. His mother had faded from his memory long ago, but he still longed to find his sister. Life was brighter and the future more promising since Lani became his foster mother after Dad was sent to prison. And yet, as he thought about how happy he was with his life, a tickle of fear ran up his spine. It was scary to care about someone so much.

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Her thoughts were a million miles away—well, thousands at least. She missed her friend Benjamin and their talks, when they milked the cows each evening. She even missed his teasing. As Kyleah milked Maude, Sophie bumped against her back whenever she sidestepped—which she insisted on doing, now that her grain was gone. Nervous, Kyleah thought. If only Benjamin were over there milking her. I wonder if he thinks about me.

Dang you, Jewel! Warm milk soaked through her jacket and jeans.

Kyleah groaned. The heifer jerked back hard, yanking her head from the stanchion and backing over Kyleah. Rolling over, Kyleah managed to get her breath and pull herself to her feet.

Limping toward the closed door where the frightened Sophie stood trembling, she herded the heifer back toward the stanchion. Her soft, soothing tone belied her words. Okay, you stupid, rotten bovine, back to your grain.

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Move on now. At last, Sophie was locked in her stanchion again. Kyleah, energized by anger, put kickers on both cows, rinsed out the bucket and finished her job. Kyleah set a bucket full of milk on the counter next to the sink and got out the strainer. Jewel kicked and I landed under Sophie. Almost a whole bucket of milk got spilled, so I only got one tonight. Are you all right? Kyleah mumbled that she was fine and limped to the bathroom.

I was so scared to let myself love anyone, she remembered, laughing at herself. She remembered the exact moment that she made up her mind to keep her distance and not let anyone get close to her or to let herself care about anyone—ever again. It was when Mrs. There are other children to play with, and the Holcombs are very nice people. Kyleah had immediately stopped crying. Fowler probably thought her words had consoled Kyleah. How could she have seen that a wall had come down inside her mind? A wall she could hide behind. Kyleah turned off the water and grabbed a towel, suddenly feeling very sorry for the little girl she once was.

Life had taught her that love hurts. A subtle fear that it would happen again rose in her chest as she remembered the hard lessons of the past. The first lesson came when she was four and her father left, taking her twin brother with him. A year later, Mom left her by quietly dying and leaving it to strangers to ship her by airplane from Montana to Kansas. They were distant, strict, and cold. They sent her to kindergarten, something her mother had neglected to do. At school, she made friends and fell in love with a kind teacher—only to be forced to leave the school, and never see her friends and teacher again when her grandparents decided to get rid of her.

This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List. Kendall and Kyleah by Janet Muirhead Hill. Summary Kendall and Kyleah, separated by divorcing parents when they were only four, each wonder if the other is still alive. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Chapter 1 Ocean Park, Washington Molly, you stupid dog!

Kendall yelled. The man stopped and walked toward him. He found the sheltie first. A jogger knelt in front of him, petting and talking to him. He got away. Looks like you had some trouble, she said. She smiled and closed the door. A car stopped beside him. Stone, the man who owned Taz. He got in a fight.

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I, uh…he, uh…he got away. Found him. Come talk to us this evening! Stone yelled out his car window. I should have advised against it when Mr. Stone called last night.