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The editor was George Grow. Heckyll and Mr. Load more comments. Search Search. Audio menu. Learning English Broadcast. Previous Next. Words and Their Stories. Guinea Pigs: Useful in Research, Conversation.

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You can’t just buy/adopt one guinea pig

Cover c and text illustrations b by Clive Scruton. Guinea pigs on the go. Publishing history: First published in Great Britain by Collins in Princess Lindsey and the fluffy guinea pig. ISBN 1 9. Freysinger, Karen. Estero, Florida: Aha! Elora Danan Productions, Freysinger, Karen J. Adventures of Countess Pigula "Up, up and away! Elora Danan Productions, copyright Publishing history: Second book in the Adventures of Countess Pigula series and is a continuation from book one, Her Royal Imagination.

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Froeb, Lori C. P Guinea pig: Nibbles Cover is a colour photograph.

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Fuller, Chip. Will and Wisdom: what about Christmas? Publishing history: One in a series.

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Wisdom is a Bible scholar guinea pig. Gallico, Jean-Pierre. The Day Jean-Pierre joined the circus. Piccolo Pan Books, Gallico, Paul. The Day Jean-Pierre was pignapped. The Day Jean-Pierre went round the world. London: Piccolo, Pan Books, The Day the guinea-pig talked. Publishing history: Book Club Edition. First edition in the United States of America. Garis, Howard R. Buddy and Brighteyes Pigg. New York: Gulliver Guinea-Pig's magic diary. Fleetway Publications Ltd, copyright Printed in England.

Publishing history: A Jack and Jill Book: 7. Gulliver Guinea-Pig's mystery trip. Publishing history: A Jack and Jill Book: Gass, Diane.

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My pet Perry. Self-published, via Lulu. Geary, Michelle. Rex and his short legs. Gee, Henry and Rachel Gee. Defiant the guinea pig - firefighter! Also available as an Ebook. Ghent, Natale. Also published as an ebook, ISBN Second book I've noted with a skinny pig, or hairless guinea pig, as the main character. Gibson, A. H Guinea pig: Alexander, and others Illustrated b by H.

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Giles, Jenny. Just one guinea pig. Crystal Lake, Il. ISBN 0 6. Moppet on the run. ISBN 0 1. Glaze, Dave. Who took Henry and Mr. Regina, Saskatchewan: Coteau Books, c H Guinea pigs: Henry, Mr. Z Cover illustration c by Janet Wilson. Gleitzman, Morris. Water wings. Sydney: Pan Macmillan Australia, P Guinea pig: Winston.

Cover design: Liz Seymour.

Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue Fall Festival Arrives Oct. 20

Reprinted Goodwin, Alex. London: Bloomsbury Publishing, First published in Great Britain. Series: Guinea Pig Classics. A Guinea Pig Nutcracker. First published in Great Britain, 3rd October Also published in the USA, 8th October Wiliam Shakespeare.