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Of course, each chapter is well-cited and provides a great bibliography of the highpoints of the decade should the reader want more. April 12, - Published on Amazon. If you're currently studying or have studied geography, you'll probably zero in on the chapters that are of interest. You may find some thin coverage. For example, the Geomorphology chapter failed to give a thorough account of American Geoarchaeology other then to mostly praise K.

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The few paragraphs covering Land use Planning and Env. Issues in the chapter on Applied Geography did not positively inspire or mention the numerous studies and resources available for the great number of geographers involved in or considering a career in urban and regional or environmental land planning see my Amazon review of Marsh's book Landscape Planning. However, taken in its totality the book is an inspiration for the American student of geography. I look forward to other Amazon reviews.

February 6, - Published on Amazon. Gaile and Willmott present a good overview of the various sub-disciplines of geography in contemporary scholarship. Useful text for an aspiring geography professional. Go to Amazon.

Geography in America at the Dawn of the 21st Century

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Government Department of the Census Merrill K. Robinson, Syracuse University Jeffrey C. Smith, University of Manitoba Barry D. Watkins, University of Kentucky James L. Wescoat, Jr.

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Urban geographers also study the processes and forces that effect change in urban areas, including population growth and distribution, ethnic makeup, political movements, and industrial patterns. Urban geographers focus both on the unique or distinctive characteristics of individual cities and on the similarities that exist between many urban centers. Ideally, planners are able to prepare master plans that will benefit the economy and social fabric of neighborhoods, communities, cities, and regions.

They work to make cities efficient, but attractive places to live and work by considering zoning regulations, traffic flows, building density, hydrology, population distribution, and recreational needs.


To gain these skills, planners study population geography, transportation, social service, utilities, and solid-waste disposal systems. Some planners concentrate almost exclusively on transportation planning.

With their well-developed spatial analysis skills, geographers can assist in this planning endeavor.