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The only variable is if the exit is planned or unplanned.

Even if the thought of selling your business seems inconceivable, know that you will not run the business forever. At some point, every business owner steps down from the helm.

Exit Strategies - Examples, List of Strategies to Exit an Investment

Most people have a hard time achieving a goal without a plan. An exit strategy is just a road map outlining steps to achieve your personal goals for the business. Entrepreneurs do, and should have, several different long-term goals for their businesses. Strategic exit plans allow you to maximize the value of your business. Without a road map, too many business owners miss the opportunity to achieve their goals. The shortest exits are typically due to failing health; other times business owners are ready to be done.

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When life circumstances dictate an unprepared exit, it rarely goes smoothly. Systems need to set up so the business runs without you. Value drivers need to be established to meet your ideal sell price. The business needs to be in good financial health.

Exit Planning

It just means that you know what your exit will look like. To achieve their desired outcomes, business owners often focus their attention on exit planning from the beginning of the investment, in order to prepare adequately for trade and financial sales, make effective use of the buy back option, market their businesses more widely for sale, use intermediaries and get the support of management [6] Significant value is lost due to an absence of or inadequate exit planning.

The three sources of enterprise value in a company are firstly the value of its tangible assets, and secondly the value of its intellectual capital intangible assets , which consist of human capital , relational capital , and structural capital including is subcomponents organizational capital , innovation capital and process capital. Most of a middle-market company 's and lower middle market company's value is derived from its relational capital, specifically, its customer relationships. Most small-to-medium-sized businesses use a boutique investment bank to market their company in a mergers and acquisitions transaction to potential buyers.

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  • Exit Strategies - Examples, List of Strategies to Exit an Investment.
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Some boutique investment banks also offer exit planning preparation, while certain consulting firms offer one or more of the services needed to conduct exit planning, such as human resources , in connection with succession planning. Private Equity Groups are common acquirers of middle market businesses, whether as Platform companies or add-on or tack-on acquisitions.

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In addition to business aspects, personal considerations need to be taken into consideration, including considerations about estate taxes, capital gains taxes, or other taxes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Chrisman, and Jess H. Exit Strategy Planning: Grooming your business for sale or succession.

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