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LibraryThing Review. User Review - mcnicol_08 - LibraryThing. The story of Pale Male's life in New York City describes true events of a red-tailed hawk that took.

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Like they make you agree to these massive terms and conditions, on the rare condition that you might be that one person in the million that might try to sue them, so now all one million of you are going to sign this big legalese contract, just so that nobody can try to sue us. It seems to only be getting worse. It's like more and more people going overprotecting themselves in this litigious society. Let's cover your ass and treat everybody like a potential enemy just to protect yourself from that one that might be And I think that, especially if you're the business owner or your somebody that in control of your company's policies, if you reverse that and instead treat everybody with trust.

And that a rare outlier person that's trying to screw you over, then deal with that person one at the time. But treat everybody else with trust and I think that you'll find that the growth and the trustability that comes with your business by treating everybody well will more than pay for itself for that one occasional person that it's going to be a thief and whatever.

Do you know what I mean? And you know, with the technology we have now you can kind of track to the folks who are harder to deal with and make sure that they get the promotion to go to one of your competitors or something like that. You know, it's funny, it's both the service thing and then just the cruft that builds up to it. Joel Spolsky has a great tale, he was talking about his dad and how it just takes his dad like 20 minutes to get out of the house.

Because he has to do the alarm and he has to lock the door and he has to check the door again because that one time he forgot, you know? And is just like things build up over time. Well, you know, out give you one other an example because I think this is kind of importance. About a year after I started CD Baby somebody came to me that was thinking of starting his own similar websites and he said "hey, so which lawyer did you hire to do like your terms and conditions and privacy policy?

You don't have… You need that stuff, you gotta have that stuff! Well, what if that? And some stupid link in the fine print on the bottom of the page isn't going to keep that from happening. Like, come on, you gotta learn to say no to this stuff and not clutter your site with stuff that You know, it kind of comes back to that "hell yeah or no" philosophy.

Are you really excited about having terms and conditions and privacy policy on your website? If not, then don't put it there. You don't need that stuff. I love that the metaphor of Joel's dad, who just filled his life with all these kind of like crufty habits. You can optimize your business like that to and just make sure that you're not filling your company with cruft that nobody loves the fact that it's there, then get rid of it. So, you've spoken and TED too.

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In fact, one of the classics, the first follower short that you did, which was fantastic. That just lit a fire, and we had plugged that already in the show. And that was funny, so I was doing research for this and I was like "oh, that's right, you had done the first follower thing. Sure, so when I sold CD Baby, most people when you sell a company like that, millions of dollars, whatever, you do something to celebrate, right?

Some people will go buy a mansion or a Ferrari or a trip around the world or something like that. And I was like "you know what? That's going to be my splurge. I just started going to TED.

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So I went to five TED conferences in a row and loved it. You meet some interesting people there, the talks are inspiring. And just sometimes you just kind of feel cool, you know?

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I was waiting in line for the bathroom and Bill Gates is waiting behind me and Bill Joy walks out, I'm just like "wow, I love this! Starstruck kind of stuff.

The prolific photographer—best known for his portraits of cats—made his mark through his captivating depictions of our favorite feline friends. Vogue Fashion Director Tonne Goodman has made her mark on the industry for decades.

Sneakerheads, rejoice. Eating salad will never feel like a dietary chore again, thanks to Salad for President: A Cookbook Inspired by Artists. Based on the Salad for President blog —which features dozens of recipes and artist interviews and contributions—author Julie Sherman proves that salad can be fun and delicious, and can be paired with soups, entrees, and even cocktails—from light to hearty.

This book follows dozens of artists—in the kitchen—and explores the ways in which they craft their own delectable versions of this staple. With the current craze of millennial pink, you may wonder how this color became so culturally significant. Perfect for the design lover, architect, or stylish homemaker, this detailed trove documents the evolution of the chair, from to the present day, with over 1, illustrations and detailed descriptions.

Legendary photographer William Wegman has been universally celebrated for his whimsical photos of his Wemaraner dogs, which have made appearances in fashion magazines and museums alike. This adorably chic book, crafted by photography curator William A. Ewing, presents over images of Wegman's work.

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