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Instead we've developed a decision making framework with Christian ethics at the centre. It will provide you with a structured way of thinking through what constitutes 'good' and 'right' the basis of ethics in short-term missions STM in your context. It includes practical case studies and examples, the Biblical framework for protecting children, and a step-by-step guide for how teams can run effective and child-safe STM trips. There are also great resources, handouts and a toolkit to help you coordinate your trip. Average rating 4.

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Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Feb 10, Lyn rated it it was amazing. A must-read for anyone planning to go on short term missions.

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Full of candid, self-deprecating stories from the author's many years of experience in the most extreme situations of short term missions. Mary rated it really liked it Oct 28, Eleni Brooks rated it it was amazing Feb 05, Charlotte rated it liked it Feb 02, Masternamer rated it really liked it Jun 12, Heather rated it it was amazing Oct 14, Anthony marked it as to-read Dec 04, Michael S added it May 06, Andrew added it Jan 03, Rebekah marked it as to-read Jan 21, Judah added it Jun 07, Emily marked it as to-read May 18, Meredith marked it as to-read Jun 04, I have seen the transforming power of short-term mission trips.

God uses them to change lives — both of the people who go and of those whom they serve.

The constant refrain of participants is how much they grew in their relationship with Christ, how much they learned about community and how challenged they were by the commitment and joy of the people they visited. Lives are formed, and vocations are clarified through short-term mission experiences.

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Some people come back depressed and confused. Some hosts sigh with relief when their short-term visitors depart. Surely this is not what God intends.

Currently the Western church spends as much on short-term mission trips as it does on long-term missionaries. This book is my attempt to help us discover how to do it right.

Our funds and lives must be invested wisely for the kingdom and not merely for spiritual adventurism. The resources provided in this workbook have been used to prepare hundreds of people in dozens of churches. They will help individuals and teams make the most of their short-term experience — personally, for those they serve and for the kingdom. They will protect us from being mission tourists and propel us into lives of global citizenship.

High school, university and adult mission teams have successfully used this workbook. It is also valuable for individuals and families preparing for crosscultural service and for businesspeople who travel abroad. Those involved in sending people across cultures mission agency staff, church mission committees, college shortterm mission program leaders and youth pastors can use it to gain greater understanding of the issues that short-term mission participants experience.

This will enhance their selection and support of team members. Many of the insights and attitudes explored in this workbook are appropriate for involvement in our own cities. Suggestions for group leaders to enhance discussion and reflection are provided in the appendixes at the end of the workbook.

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It is recommended that participants study the workbook prior to the group sessions and come prepared with responses to the questions. Each chapter in the workbook is divided into three sections, requiring about an hour of work apiece. Chapters also begin with a recommended group activity to help teams grow together. Specific chapters are recommended as background reading throughout the workbook.

Bible study is basic to this workbook, for the Bible is a crosscultural mission manual.