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Our ultimate goal is to instill habits that improve your health. Using any random habit tracker to pick up a habit like yoga, meditation, or to serve as a reminder to workout never works.

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Upgrade your planner for an exciting new habit tracker and achieve your health and productivity goals today. Use Fabulous for motivation to build a refreshed morning routine, exercise, improve your sleep cycle, and lose weight. Start by instilling these healthy living habits that will improve your mental health and keep you on top of your goals.

Like we said, Fabulous is not just your average habit tracker.

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Fabulous is your motivation to workout and lose weight, your morning routine jump start, your mindfulness app to help you relax and focus, and so much more. We're always happy to talk with you and hear how fabulous has improved your mental health and helped you achieve your goals from meditation to weight loss, and so much more!

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  • Optimism is a choice we can all make. Scientific research has proven that if people adopt certain habits, they can change their mindset. We can rewire how our brains process the world, to the extent that by following a few simple steps daily, pessimists can be reclassed as optimists in just three weeks. Just take a moment to consider the benefits that come with being able to look at life as a glass half-full.

    We are happier around more positive people. We know from research that when someone is more optimistic, we like them more, we trust them more and we find them to be more intelligent. An optimistic outlook can give you the edge in all realms of life, as I describe in my bestselling book, The Happiness Advantage. For example, a University of Pennsylvania study showed that among insurance salesmen, those who were the most optimistic were outselling the others by 89 per cent.

    Other research shows that 75 per cent of what causes us to be successful is down to how we process the world — particularly our optimism, a quality founded on the belief that our behaviour really matters. Pessimists meanwhile spend their resources focused on the negative so they have no resources for creativity or spotting opportunities. Optimists take responsibility for their health and well-being. There are benefits around sleep and stress too for those who are optimistic.

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    They are the five behaviours for change which have been most comprehensively researched and evaluated across the field of positive psychology. Optimism is a choice, but it does require applying some effort. By doing these exercises daily for 21 days you are laying the groundwork for new patterns of behaviour which will allow you to start to change the way you see the world. The crucial thing is that you think of a completely new set of gratitudes every day. Gratitude helps us construct a world made of positive facts. Focusing on the simple things in life, like the sunshine in the morning, is something that anyone can do. We can all find these things anywhere. Research has also shown relationship benefits for couples who do gratitude exercises together at home regularly.

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    Over the course of time The Thank You Habit deepens and strengthens your network of relationships. Social connection has not only been found to be the biggest predictor of our happiness but it also influences how long we might live. Loneliness is now widely accepted by experts as being as damaging to our health as obesity, high blood pressure and smoking. Once people try them and begin to reap the benefits, they start to create lots of other positive habits in their lives.

    Positivity fuels more positivity. In two minutes, write down every detail you can remember as a series of bullet points. From what was said, for example, to the weather or the colour of the jumper you were wearing. In research we found that this was the fastest means of raising engagement scores at work. However, to reap the benefits your activity should be cardio-based, which means your heart rate rises when you do it. However, the feelgood endorphins released by physical activity into our system are just the pleasure aspect of its benefits.